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Student-Centered Mentoring Consulting and Events – Check it Out!

Dr. Amanda Brueggeman is available to work with teams and individuals in a school, district, or organization. Services are customized to support the use of Student-Centered Mentoring for each audience. Check out the options below!

New Teacher and Mentor Collaboration Work Session in Action!

Detailed information and pricing are available upon request using this link:

  • Amanda is available for full-day sessions, as well as virtual options. 
  • Onsite support entailing professional learning for educators who mentor beginning and re-entry teachers can include:
    • Professional development sessions that guide individuals and teams in developing the mentoring partnership.
    • Utilizing the Student-Centered Mentoring book and tools as resources.
    • Collaborative work sessions involving mentors and mentees.
  • Topic details will cover an overview of Student-Centered Mentoring, highlights of mentoring strategies, and a progression of support through the layers of Student-Centered Mentoring. 
  • Amanda arranges customized support with schools, districts, and organizations to best meet their needs.
    • HIGH INTEREST: Collaborative planning work sessions can include analyzing current programs and ideas for revision.
  • Amanda loves learning and sharing the mentoring work with other educators!
  • Speaking and learning opportunities at conferences, institutes, and workshops are among the event options.
  • Keynotes and breakouts are offered based on the layers of Student-Centered Mentoring:
    • An Introduction to Student-Centered Mentoring 
    • Mentor and Mentee Learning
    • Collective Mindset
    • Observational Learning
    • In-Depth Support
A new teacher, now mentor, trying out a new conferring strategy!

Past and Upcoming Events:

  • Annual Visible Learning Conference
  • Student-Centered Coaching Workshop hosted by Diane Sweeney Consulting
  • C3: Connecting Coaches’ Cognition Podcast Interview
  • Student-Centered Coaching: The Podcast
  • INTC Mentoring Conference
  • Wilbur D. Mills Education Services Cooperative
  • Free Online Course

If you are interested in detailed information, please complete the request form.

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