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Celebrating a 23-tastic Year, But Continuing the Journey in 2024!

For years, I’ve set a goal or resolution. I have always strived for “balance,” yet my life resembled a wobbly unicycle act! Work, sleep, family, exercise – they all competed for the top spot, leaving me feeling off-kilter and feeling down when I didn’t meet my yearly focus. I needed to spice it up and change my steps to attempt to stay on track. So, I decided to tackle my 2023 “health” goal in a different way. I ditched a yearly goal and went with a monthly focus with the theme of “23.” Spoiler alert: it wasn’t easy, but it was definitely an adventure. I even gathered a few teammates along the way!

Here was each month’s focus:

January – Walk 23 miles

February – 23 workout sessions (even if some were only 10 minutes!)

March – 23 days of abs (the hardest!!!)

April – Try 23 different types of exercises (Several were attempted in one day.)

May – 23 days straight of a balanced diet, exercising, and no alcohol

June – 23 days of reading (Our brain needs a workout too!)

July – 23 hours of walking

August – 23 different arm exercises

September – 23 days no soda

October – 23 yoga positions

November – 23 days of veggies/salad

December – 23 Acts of kindness

Tip #1: Change it Up!

That’s right, 12 months were packed with 23 unique quests for my well-being! Each month, a new challenge awaited. I’m already exploring new ideas to support the “balancing” act and upping the goal to 24! Whether January is unleashing your inner yogi, then February could be all about conquering your sweet tooth with 24 days of sugar-free smoothies. Explore sleep patterns, tackle fitness feats, and even embark on mindfulness missions – all with a dash of engaging 24-themed challenges thrown in for good measure.

Remember, the beauty of this theme is its flexibility. You can customize the goals to your interests and preferences, making it a truly personal journey.

Tip #2: Find Your Check-In People

One of my 2023 blogs was about how I have stayed on course and who I found to help me remain accountable. The realization was that I needed a team to support me along the way. Revisit Who
Are Your Check-In People
for more details!

Tip#3: Designate a Tracking Tool

So, you’ve decided to set your “24” monthly goals and are buzzing with excitement. But, before you dive into January’s challenge, let’s talk tracking. Keeping tabs on your progress is key to staying motivated and achieving your goals. It also helps to be able to celebrate all the amazing achievements! What is your perfect tracking tool? Is it post-it notes or a journal? Or, are you a digital lover and use Google Keep like I did? For those who love structure, a basic spreadsheet can be a powerful tool for recording progress and analyzing the data in the end. The way you track it all can be a combination of various ways to keep up with your journey. I used my health app on my watch and Google Keep notes. Remember, the best tracking method is the one that works for you. Experiment, find what sparks your interest, and watch your “24” goals blossom into achievements you’re proud to share!

Looking Ahead

What are you tackling in 2024? I am always game for considering new ideas with my monthly health ideas. Feel free to share your challenges, inspirations, and anything in between with me. I want to keep trying for “balance” in 2024 – my word for the new year!

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