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Who Are Your Check-In People?

I decided to switch up my healthy habits for 2023 and have been setting monthly goals related to the theme of 23. Some of my goals have been walking 23 miles, trying 23 different arm exercises, and cutting out Coke Zero or Diet Coke for 23 days. It’s been enjoyable to try something new and add some variety to working on my healthy routines. I realized today it has been more than just the goal-setting that has encouraged me as I sent a message to some friends who jumped on board. They have been vital to my success! 

2023 Goal Check-In Friends – Kelsey, Andi, and Sarah

Who are your check-in friends or colleagues? And do they know it? You may not even realize you have someone you check in with! Whether you have a long-term or short-term focus, sharing the celebrations and being able to problem-solve goes a long way in being successful. This is all especially true in mentoring partnerships!

Tip #1: Identify Your Check-in People and Tell Them

Recognize who your check-in friends are in the varying aspects of your life. If you are a teacher, who are some educators both in and out of your building that can give you their ear from time to time? I have several! If you aren’t a teacher, who are your co-workers or friends who can provide support? Maybe even your spouse is one of your go-to people. Brainstorming and sharing wins with my husband have helped us a great deal on many occasions. It’s ok to have several! Then, let those people know who they are to you. More than likely, the person is already going to know.

Tip #2: Understand the Check-ins can be Short and Sweet

I can imagine you are also thinking, “But what if I don’t have the time to check in with someone?” Don’t worry! Time does not have to be a factor if you are wondering how to carve out the check-ins. Short and sweet is my motto. I text my 2023 goal friends a quick message here and there. Some months, we only check in a few times. We also occasionally share some thoughts over our lunch or just in passing. Don’t get me wrong; there are other moments I need to take more time because the situations require more attention. A simple question at the forefront of a text or call might sound like, “Do you have some time to talk this over with me?” Sometimes it’s no, and that’s ok!

Looking Ahead

As you consider who your check-in people are, or who you want to reach out to for some advice, think about how you can help them too. Best of luck!

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