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Navigating a New Change

And then there was one office! 

It’s official that for the first time in a long time I will only have one office – my home office. Going full time with consulting means no more school classrooms or offices. There is excitement with this change and some uncertainty as well. The decision wasn’t an easy one and took some time to process. I am still processing… 

It made me think of the changes we all go through. I have several teacher friends making the shift to a different school or even a grade level. Some are moving into different roles. I have other friends and family members making job changes as well. Even if it isn’t a change like that, it’s about to be August and back to school for my educator friends – change in schedules and routines. I hear the sighs through the computer and know the feeling that the summer flew by! I also can sense the excitement for many, especially first-year teachers. This all leads me to a tip for going through change:

Tip: Take on an Innovative Learning Mindset 

At the start this requires vulnerability to believe in ourselves and learning new things. Our mindset about learning is an integral factor in how we approach change. As Carol Dweck shares, “Mindset change is not about picking up a few pointers here and there. It’s about seeing things in a new way.” She goes on to add how it takes time, effort, and support. Consider these characteristics of an innovator mindset as you go forward in your change (Brueggeman, 2022):

  • Problem-solution finders
  • Resilient risk-takers
  • Reflective collaborators
  • Flexible experimentation 
  • Seeks improvement 

In one of my first blogs, I wrote about a learning mindset and one of the tips was to celebrate the process. Wishing for time to pass or wanting to just get through the process is likely to have a negative affect on your mindset. Similar to the blog about celebrating the small steps toward achieving your goals, consider taking the approach of being in the moment and celebrating the “new” of your change. Also, reward yourself if the task isn’t your favorite. It helps to find a way to make it worthwhile!

Looking Ahead

Best of luck with the change you are going through, or about to take on! Another exciting creation I am trying are some online courses. I just released a FREE Mini Course for Student-Centered Mentoring, educators can sign up for. Be on the lookout for more! I hope to get out more of my blogs this fall as well.


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