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New Year: New Goals, New Words

Well, I am a month into the NEW year and just now getting to blog posts. I thought I would continue my once a month post and then I got busy with learning a lot of NEW things. That brings me to realizing I have a lot of NEW things to try and NEW things that are going to pop up this year I am sure. Then I reflected on my big goal and word of the year, deciding I needed to make some adjustments in my mindset.

Tip #1: Your Word Can Be Words

Since I am foreseeing a great deal of learning happening this year, I am going to include more than just one word to ground me in that NEW work. One of the strategies I focus on with Student-Centered Mentoring is about establishing an innovative mindset. That is defined by being creative and trying NEW ideas. Since I am always striving to have that mindset, I also need to have various words to guide me. Here are mine for the year!

Tip #2: Your Goal Can Be Goals

In my short time of 2022, as I am learning all there is to continue my endeavor with Student-Centered Mentoring and supporting teachers, I am finding I have a lot of directions to go. Rather than have a single resolution for the year, I am going to have a set of goals! One is to learn more about using technology. That entails a website – which is more than just creating a site. It is figuring out how to get a site to come up sooner on a search engine, which led me to learn about optimization and indexing … and my brain is now exploding! I am already going down another fun path of creating videos and now I have a YouTube Channel (please subscribe if you are on YouTube)… with 1 video so far! It’s a start. My goal list has many other items (personal too – like traveling and cleaning out some closets). That list is also left open-ended because I know more ideas will come as the year progresses. 

Looking Ahead

I am excited to see where 2022 takes me and my NEW learning! It also means I get to share NEW ideas and strategies with you as well. I look forward to what lies ahead of us in 2022!


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