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Perception of Team Turkey or Team Santa

Are you Team Turkey or Team Santa? Some have already started putting up their Christmas decorations-even weeks ago. I did reward some of my editing work by putting up my Christmas village in my office. It is the first time it has been up in this house and I was excited to finally have a good spot for it (Check out my picture!). The rest I wait for Thanksgiving. I guess you could say I’m Team Turkey then. I quickly turn into Team Santa though! I love Christmas. 

So, why do I wait? Well, I have certain traditions I had with my mom and family growing up. We always spent the entire day after Thanksgiving decorating the house for Christmas. So I always wait for Thanksgiving week unless we are hosting and then it is Decorating Friday for me instead of Black Friday like others! 

After thinking about my process of being team Turkey or Team Santa, I realized it was about my perception and beliefs. When you look up perception one of the definitions really struck me: “the way that you notice or understand something using one of your senses” (Merriam-Webster). I have a mental perception of whether I am more of one team than the other. But, neither is wrong and I really am cheering for both. That’s ok too. 

Perception goes hand-in-hand with mindset. I talk about the balance of time and expectations in my book when it comes to mindset. The characteristics of being higher in the balance in both areas are the same: willingness, hopeful, and positive. Whereas the opposite characteristics on the low side are: overwhelmed, doubtful, and negative. Our perception of what we hope or doubt something or someone to be shapes our mindset. Therefore, shaping how we approach a tough task or moment even. This starts with what we expect. “With higher expectations come more fruitful results,” (Brueggeman, 2022).

TIP: Ask Yourself Questions Of Course!

How do we have a more hopeful perception? Go back to my blog on time, if your perception of time is your preferred step. My tips for mindset come in the form of questions to ask yourself about your perception and beliefs.

  • What can we learn from any experience, good or bad?
  • How can we push ourselves to have higher expectations?
  • What are our beliefs that ground us in our why?

looking ahead

As I look back on whether I am Team Turkey or Team Santa, it really only matters what I believe. If it gives more hope to be one or the other in any given year, then so be it. It is your perception! In the end, do what brings you joy and positivity. I’m thinking my next blog will be around beliefs, or something in that realm. Look forward to December!


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