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The Power of Words

Look around you as you walk down the street or you take a drive. Words are everywhere. Scroll through facebook or twitter and you’ll see more words. In particular, I find phrases and quotes to be what strikes my interest. I love quotes.

Just recently I was tasked with choosing a quote to go with a picture at school. Again, I love quotes. I have sayings and phrases posted in several places and even on items throughout my house. So, I thought it would be easy to pull a favorite. Boy was I wrong. I could not decide. Then, a colleague said use your own! 

That task then became a little harder because I wanted to be sure those words represented me, but also held the right meaning for the audience – students in our school. That’s when I realized quotes have these purposes for me: informational, motivational or even empowering. I decided to be motivating with my quote for school and landed on some of my own experiences to guide my words.

TIP: Find the quotes just right for you!

No matter your purpose, search for quotes that support you and your needs. Here are some of my favorites!

looking ahead

Since the year started off a little busy, I missed getting a blog out in August. And, September. Yay! I made it in October. Look forward to November and some highlights from my upcoming book, Student-Centered Mentoring: Keeping Students and the Heart of New Teacher’s Learning (forthcoming Spring 2022).


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  • Strong Quote – Anonymous – Gift

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